Google Features Indian Female Artist To Celebrate International Women’s Day


Washington: Google is honoring female artists and their stories this International Women’s Day. On Thursday, the tech company will feature 12 interactive illustrations or “Google Doodles” on the search platform’s homepage. The artists are from 12 countries, including the U.S., Japan, India, Pakistan and Mexico.

Each illustration features a personal story or moment that has affected that artist as a woman, such as growing older or falling in love. The Doodles will go live Thursday morning, and readers can see subtitles in different languages.

“This year, we wanted to bring forward unheard stories and voices, and to celebrate women’s collective experiences with all of their commonalities and differences,” Google Doodle’s product marketing manager, Perla Campos, told. “We want to shine a light on the important and far reaching impact of everyday women.”

Kaveri Gopalakrishnan from India said that “To me personally, this is a day (among others) for the recognition of women and women identifying peoples voices, and acknowledgement of the kind of efforts that have been made for every time I do not consider my gender as a key factor in a personal or professional scenario. There are small moments of celebration, and a lot of gratitude, and a lot more dialogue and conversation in the making and ahead of us. I don’t see it as a day of celebration: rather, it’s a reminder.”