Google Doodle Honours India’s 1st Woman Leader Anasuya Sarabhai


New Delhi: Google India on Saturday paid homage to Anasuya Sarabhai with a beautiful doodle on her 132nd birth anniversary. The colourful tribute to one of India’s pioneers in women’s labour movement brought to the forefront a forgotten history of her critical role and contribution in the pre-Independence era.

What’s also interesting is that the Google doodle on Sarabhai has been created by Maria Qamar, a Pakistani-Canadian artist and author of the comic books like Trust No Aunty and Hatecopy, which spurs desi sarcasm in hilarious cartoons.

Known for her fierce portrayal of desi women in her comics, Qamar wrote on Google’s blog, “Anasuya’s dedication to justice and equality is something I can relate to.” In drawing the activist, who was raged by the harrowing working condition of women in the Indian textile industry, Qamar tried to weave that in Sarabhai’s sketch for the doodle. “I portrayed delicate fabrics and traditional patterns found in our homes and our closets,” explained Qamar. “I am honored to have the opportunity to share Anasuya’s legacy with the world,” the illustrator added.