Google Doodle Celebrating Calcutta Icon Gauhar Jaan’s 145th Birthday


New Delhi: Gauhar Jaan was an Indian singer and dancer from Calcutta. Gauhar was one of the first artists to record music on 78 rpm discs in India and was released by Gramophone Company of India. Google Doodle is celebrating her 145th birth anniversary.

Gauhar Jaan was born as Angelina Yeoward on 26 June 1873 in Azamgarh, of Armenian descent. Her father, William Robert Yeoward, worked as an engineer in a dry ice factory, and married her mother, Victoria Hemmings, in 1872. Victoria, an Indian by birth, had been trained in music and dance.

In 1879 the marriage ended, causing hardships to both mother and daughter, who later migrated to Banaras in 1881, with a Muslim nobleman, ‘Khursheed’, who appreciated Victoria’s music more than her husband.

Gauhar popularized the music of light classical India with her performances of thumri, dadra, Kajri, Chaiti, bhajans, tarana, and condensation technology also mastered by performing the melody elaborate classic Hindustani style minutes only three and a half for a disc .

Her most famous song, thumri sung in Bhairavi is Mora Nahak Laye gavanava, Jabse Gaye mori sur huna live, Ras ke Bhare Tore Nain mere Dard-e-jigar and bhajans like, Radhey Krishna Bol Mukhse. She died at the age of 56 on January 17, 1930.

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