Google Doodle Celebrates New Year Eve


New Delhi: Google doodle on Sunday celebrated the new year eve. Google is all set to welcome 2018 . The doodle shows penguins and parrots in a celebratory mood as they are decked up to welcome the new year.

The feathery friends have enjoyed their delicious traditions and are now ringing in the new year with sparklers in hand. As they all admire the fireworks overhead, they think about how much fun it was to spend this time together.

Search engine giant Google came out with this series of doodles on Christmas day. The images uploaded doodle featuring penguins and parrots arranging to spend the big day together.

Other doodles showed penguins meeting their friends, carrying gifts for them who are also waiting for them. In another image, penguins were seen planning and packing their bags, while another one had them hatting and dining together.