Google Doodle Celebrates Indian Explorer Nain Singh Rawat’s Birthday


Washington: Google Doodle on Saturday celebrates the birth anniversary Nain Singh Rawat, one of the first pundits to explore the Himalayas for the British. Born in 1830, Nain Singh Rawat hailed from Johar Valley of Kumaon in present day Uttarakhand.

Nain Singh Rawat, who is known to be the first Indian explorer to survey Tibet, determine the exact location and altitude of Lhasa, map the Tsangpo (Brahmaputra River) and also give the details of the gold mines of Thok Jalung.

Rawat’s last and greatest journey was from Leh in Ladakh via Lhasa to Assam in 1873. He was also honoured with many awards by the Royal Geographical Society for his achievements and contributions. The great explorer died in Moradabad after suffering from cholera in 1882.