Students Should Follow Their Passions More: Sundar Pichai At KGP IIT

  • Saw My First Computer At IIT.
  • India’s Digital progress phenomenon.
  • Encourage Risk Taking.
  • Bunked Morning Classes.
  • It is great to be back here.
  • It wasn’t easy to get admission in.
  • Did I bunk? Yes, it is the right of passage while going through college. But I worked hard as well.
  • Didn’t have cameras and phones back then. One of the favourite questions on mess food, people would ask us to guess whether it was sambhar or dal.
  • Didn’t know Hindi too well when I came here from Chennai. I thought “abbey saale!” was a way to call out to people. I learnt Hindi in college.iit2
  • I met my wife here. It wasn’t always easy to walk and meet then.
  • Didn’t have access to computer at home. Looked at the first computer here. Now we have 300 smartphones
  • I remember as a freshman you would lock the door and leave. But when you returned your room would be completely rearranged, without the doors being opened.
  • Some things don’t change, but overall there has been a lot of change I see here on campus.
  • I’m sure my share of experiences weren’t too different from what you have here even today. I have had lots of good memories. You make friends for a lifetime.
  • We’ve always had an ambitious approach at Google. We want to work on things billions of people will use everyday. You might fail a few times. But that’s ok. Larry (Page, Alphabet CEO) used to say you must aim to do great things. Even if you fail, you end up doing something worthwhile which you learn a great deal from.
  • The computation power has dramatically increased in the recent years. Data learning algorithms can now be used much more easily now. Image recognition, voice recognition, translation services, etc can now change lives.iit
  • The digital market in India is growing. Indian companies now need to set their sights on bigger things. I am confident you will soon see big global innovations coming from India very soon.

Kharagpur: Google CEO Sundar Pichai interacts with students at his alma mater IIT Kharagpur in West Bengal. Yesterday in New Delhi, Mr Pichai, chief executive officer of Google Inc, announced new initiatives, including a training programme called Digital Unlocked, aimed towards small and medium businesses in India. Mr Pichai said Google is working on products for the country that can be expanded globally. Around 300 IITians have gathered to meet the IIT alumnus.