Google Adds ‘Personal’ Tab To Search Results From Your Email & Photos


California: Google is rolling out a new feature that allows users to perform personal searches through your personal data, like your Gmail account or Google Photo library.

First spotted by Search Engine Roundtable, the Personal tab shows content from private sources, including emails and photos you have taken and uploaded to the cloud. The “Personal” tab works like any other tab on Google. All you need to type whatever you are searching for like “smartphone” and it shows you results from your Google account.

You will find any email featuring the word “smartphone” or pictures stored in the cloud. The Personal tab doesn’t show up by default – you’ll have to click through to the “More” tab on the bottom.

The feature works both on the web and mobile versions of Google. By adding this feature, Google has actually made it easier to find something in your Gmail or Google Photos without opening them individually, as long as you’re logged in. It is unclear right now whether the feature is limited to Gmail or Google Photos, or if it pull results from Google Drive and other Google services.

There’s no official announcement from Google, but the feature seems to be rolling out slowly to users worldwide. At the time of writing, the Personal tab doesn’t seem to have made to the official Google apps for Android and iOS.