Goods Train Derailed, North Bengal Train Service Disrupted


Jalpaiguri: The derailment of a goods train near the Jalpaiguri Road Station on Monday led to cancellation of many trains and disrupted schedules of several other trains during the evening peak hours.

One Bogi of the goods train heading towards Jalpaiguri railway station derailed. The train movement on North-East Frontier railway  is badly affected due to the derailment. Uttarbanga Express forced to stop at the Domuhani Station due to the derailment.

“While many trains are scheduled to late, NF Railway authorities are keeping a close watch and continuously monitoring the situation of nearby railway tracks, taking all precautionary measures for safe train running,” Shri Pranav Jyoti Sharma, the Chief Public Relations Officer- spokesperson of the Northeast Frontier Railway CPRO said. He said traffic on down rail track, close to the railroad on which the train derailed, has resumed.

Though no news of trains cancellation has got yet while some trains are stopped at various places as track are blocked. Sharma informed that internal train connectivity from New Jalpaiguri to Guwahati, Guwahati to Dibrugarh and Murkongselek will be continued as usual. Trains on these routes are plying as per their normal schedule when the track will be cleared .

Relief Train from New Jalpaiguri and Breakdown Van from New Cooch Bihar has been brought for the repair and restore of the track.