Good News, Winter Knocks Kolkata’s Door


Kolkata: Jagaddhatri Puja was over. Winter is at Kolkati’s doorstep. The mercury has dippedAlipore Met office predicts that the temperature will falls in next 48 hours. Meteorological Department says that no new system will affect Bengal’s climate.

The temperature is now around 19 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. The temperature will falls down to 18 degrees in the next 48 hours. The office tells the fact that this temperature will fall further to around 17 degrees.

Alipore Meteorological Department director Ganesh Kumar Das said, “At this moment, the impact of any western hurricane will not affect our state. Western hurricane pulls southwestern winds. The result is sultry. There is no like of that. ”

At the same time, he said,” There was a deep depression in the South East Bay of Bengal. Today it has moved westwards. It is now in the middle of the South. . It will fall into a depression and move forward towards the west. Which will affect Southwestern states.
The fog will increase in the coastal areas of our state. The temperature in Kolkata and its adjoining areas and other districts of the state will fall to 17 in the next five to six days. The sky will be clean.

Today, Kolkata’s highest temperature was 31.1 degree Celsius, which is one degree more than usual. The minimum is 19 degrees Celsius, which is normal.