Good News ! People To Get Subsidy On Groceries


Kolkata: Good news for ration card holder. Digital Card holders and Special Priority holders under National Food Security Act will facilitated by subsidy in the month of October and November.

As per a published information, Among the 6 crore 1 lakh NFSA card holders, 3 crore 25 lakh will get the facility. All the grocery material will be available in two phase. Each family will get 500 sugar and cornflower at Rs 30 and Rs 23. Subsidy will be there for two commodities.

500 ml and 1000 ml mustered oil will be available at Rs 52 and Rs 101. Palm oil will be available at Rs 48. 50 Paisa and Rs 94. Each family will get one litre oil in two phase. Many people will be relived in festival season.