Good News, Mahishadal Rajbari Opened For Trippers


Tamluk: Good news for travelers. The doors of Mahishadal Raj Palace opened for the travelers before Durga Puja. Tourists can spend night at this Raj palace. Six people can stay together in one room in the Rajbari suite.

Ac and Non Ac rooms are also available in this Rajbari. Ancient Sculptures hangs on the wall which glorified the era of Rani Janaki Devi.

Along with beds made by shegun wood and Tables, chairs and other practical items made by mehogani wood will make tourists more attractive. Various types of bouquets are decorated with flower trees in the verandah.

পুজোর আগে মহিষাদল রাজপ্রাসাদে খুলে দেওয়া হল দরজা

Those tourists who come to the palace in the night house will get the chance to know history of Mahishadal Raj palace from Raj House members. Earlier, tourists came to the palace from far away but there was no provision for them. As a result, tourists had to face severe problems. So arrangements have been made for the tourists in palace to visit the Rajpalace.
Tourists will spend Rs 8000 for a suit. And the room for the four people will cost Rs 4500. If you like to eat then tourists will have to spend more.

Harprasad Garg, an elderly member of Mahishadal Raj Palace, said that many people came to visit the house but there was no arrangement for them so long. So before Pujo, two suite rooms were built for the tourists. Where tourists can spend their night in the palace with their families.