Good News For Govt Teachers & Doctors


Kolkata: The much-awaited promotion list of state government teachers and doctors
was released on Sunday.

The teachers and doctors were waiting for their promotion list for a long time.
Meanwhile, several accusations by them were on the rise. Health director
(education) Dr. Pradip Mitra was leading them to resolve the issues.

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Understanding that the issues are becoming bigger, Pradip released the list. The
issues are assault on doctors, strict rules on biometric attendance, not getting
DA, huge difference in the payroll of state and central government doctors, etc.

List of promotional posts of three-level government teachers and doctors were
published. The promotion list of 400 doctors were published.

Political analysts believe that it is an attempt to make the doctors happy before
the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

However, Pradip rejecting such a thought, said that, “Is is not a good idea to look
everything at a political angle. The promotion of teachers-dorctors was stuck for 7
months. We are trying to simplify the complications.”