Good News For Farmers: Mechanical Harvesting Introduced In Murshidabad


Baharampur: Recently many farmers committed suicide due to their waiver and for many problems which are faced in the fields of paddy. This issue now a key-focus of centre. Central government takes many measures to curb the suicide incidents and tried to bring smile on the face of farmers.

But in Bengal farmers also faced the same problems. A new initiative taken by Vivekananda Krishak Sangh brings smile on the face of farmers. Yes this incident happened in Bengal’s Murshidabad district.

A village of Murshidabad, Mandalpur of Raghunathganj has started harvesting with mechanical equipment to increase production avoiding many damaging chances.

Vivekananda Krishak Sangh has introduced the rice planting machine. The machine has been prepared with updated technology which will prevent paddy field from insect attack. The process will give also reduce the chance of land damage from insect.

According to agricultural scientists, this procedure will maintain the gap between each sapling scientifically. So the production will be fruitful. The production will be cost-effective equally. So the door is opened for profit as farmers to earn more.

The rent for the machine is 600 per hour. Agricultural officials said, if farmers’ wants to buy the machine, government will extend subsidy in machinery price. State agriculture department has already distributed machinaries to increase the production too.

The farmers from Murshidabad and district officials expressed excitements for having such mechanism to increase their production and earn.