Good News For Bengal Dairy Farmers


Kolkata: Good news for dairy farmers in Bengal. The State Government has decided to give an additional subsidy of Rs 2 per litre (over and above the procurement price) to dairy farmers who sell milk to the government through cooperatives.

At present the procurement price of milk is Rs 25 per litre. While this remains same, the additional subsidy amount will be directly transferred to the bank accounts of the dairy farmers.

At present there are 1.2 lakh dairy farmers under the West Bengal Co-operative Milk Producer Association. Additionally, 10 lakh people indirectly going to benefit, if family members are taken into account.

This move will result in an additional expenditure of about Rs 6.5 crore for the government, an amount which has already been released by the Finance Department.

This additional income will bring a lot of relief to the farmer families who sell to the State Government. They are distributed across 14 milk federations. The Animal Resources Development Department oversees this activity.