Good News For Bank Employees: Most Of Banks Will Be Shut For 4 Days


New Delhi:  Banks will again remain closed for three days in a row starting from April 28 in the most of the state.Most of the banks will remain closed on April 28, which is the 4th Saturday of this month. Banks will also remain closed on Sunday, April 29, which is the normal weekly-off day for the bank employees.

On April 30 (Monday), banks will again remain closed on account of the ‘Buddha Purnima’ – a bank holiday and then on May day bank will again shut. The banks remaining closed for four consecutive days would mean that no major banking transactions will take place between April 28 to May 1.

For those having some pending bank-related work or any urgent requirement for cash, the banks will remain fully functional on Friday (April 27).

Though most of the bank ATMs will continue to operate as usual and there would be hopefully no cash crunch, which was witnessed in the recent past, it is advisable for the customers to withdraw cash in advance should there be an urgent requirement.