After Gold & Cow Bharati Involves In Rice-Trading Scandal


Kolkata: Now Bharati Ghosh is alleged with the involvement in rice-trading scandal. Over time Bharti is increasingly covering up with range of allegations. Several investigation procedures are underway in case of gold-for-cash-scam, cow-trafficking scam and extortion scam. The allegation regarding the purchase of paddy and rice from mill is following the present chaos.

Reportedly, the former Superintendent of Police of West Midnapore has extorted 60 lakh forcefully from the owner of rice mill and from the businessman. According to CID officials, they have already started an investigation into the incident. Investigative officials also talked to the owners and paddy traders of Jangalmahal.

Intelligence sources said, about one and a half years ago, allegations of corruption in the procurement of government rice in the Jangalmahal were raised against a Cooperative Agricultural Development Association of Goblabhpur-II block. Bharati Ghosh started the investigation of the case filed at Lalgarh police station. In the name of investigating the case of corruption in government rice procurement, Bharati had imprsoned a rice mill owner and a rice trader for four days.

The owner of the rice mill said that the amount of money in the financial year 2014-15 was equivalent to 30 lakh in exchange of rice. After complaining to the police superintendent, the money was not returned after the complaint; Bharti demanded 30 lakh from him. Bharati Ghosh’s bodyguard Sujit Mandal had allegedly beaten the businessman, illegally detained in Beliabera Police Station for not giving money. Four days after giving 28 lakh, the two businessmen got released. Bharti also forced two other rice traders to pay Rs.30 lakhs. CID is investigating the whole incident.