Gold Coin Worth Rs 61K Vanished, Consumer Gets Empty Box From Flipkart


Bengaluru: Imagine you have ordered some expensive goods and suddenly you find an
empty box when the good is delivered to you, how would you react? It’s shocking but
true, another alleged e-commerce fraud case has come in light in the Silicon Valley
of India, Bengaluru. A private sector employee Amit Garg had ordered 20grams gold
coin from the noted e-commerce website, Flipkart,but when he got the delivery of
his product he allegedly received an empty box from PVC logistics. Such fraud case
is not new, this kind of incidents has been reported several times.

Reportedly, Garg had placed his order of a 20gm gold coin back in December 2017.
After getting an empty box, he had taken up the issue with Flipkart. Not getting
any satisfactory response from the leading e-commerce site, he then decided to file
a complaint with city police.

The cops have registered a case under (IPC 420) against Flipkart and PVC logistics
in the fraud case. A police source said “We have registered a cheating case and
have issued a notice to Flipkart on the same. The investigation is underway. The
complaint was filed with us because the alleged victim did not receive any response
through emails from Flipkart.”

Garg had already paid nearly Rs 61,000 for the 20gm gold coin. The noticeable thing
is that after the parcel was delivered he opened it infront of a CCTV camera and
was shocked to find out that the box was empty. He immediately rushed to call the
delivery boy but by that time he had already left. Disappointedly, with no option
left, he then wrote to Flipkart initially, who confirmed that Garg had collected
the parcel and the due procedure would have to be followed now by him. As a case
has been registered on this issue so the police will now probe if the coin went
missing or if the coin never got dispatched.