Golam Rabbani Insisted To Recruit Urdu Teacher In Darivit School: IB Report


Kolkata: Intelligence Branch (IB) has come out with a report stating that, Darivit students death is an outcome of cold-war of two Trinamool MLA. As the factional feud within TMC became a regular incident in North Dinajpur, simultaneously ‘tussle’ between Islampur MLA and Goyalpokhor MLA Golam Rabbani gained its persistent.

Many speculations are being provided to politicise the students death in Islampur. Consequently, all the political parties started the blame game after students death in Islampur. According to the Intelligence source, the internal clash is the inception point behind such crude outcome. It has been reported that both the MLAs keep a topsy-turvy relation between them since long time.

Why Urdu teacher recruitment became so important ? Why the decision of organising committee could not stand ? Many questions like these are budding around and making the situation complicated.

The Intelligence source is saying that Rabbani have agreed to recruit two teachers in Sanskrit and two in Urdu. On the other hand, Kanailal Agarwal did not support the decision. It became the basic contradiction between them. The Intelligence source has provided supportive information that police has first targeted agitated students and people those who were present.

A student who witnessed the incident said that, “Police has pelted bullet to the students when they were taking out teachers inside a police a cab.” The oppositions have blamed the ruling party in this regard. Ignoring all the points, district TMC leadership has denied such points behind the students death.

Distruct President Amal Acharya said that, “Who is saying all these. The incident is of course unfortunate but it demands an investigation. There is no involvement of internal clash.”