For God’s Sake, I’m not an Oxonian!

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Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury: Recently an Oxford study stated that the leaders like George Washington, Napoleon, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill all had some psychopathic traits. And they ranked Saddam Hussein on the top. They listed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinnikhileshton in their swan-song. According to their observation, even Jesus Christ could not above this screening. However, they omitted wittingly or unwittingly the name of the other religious, social and political personalities. May be their criteria could not be fitted with the people like Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il or Kim Jong-un. May be they think Mao Tse-tung was a great normal and human personality like Martin Luther King. May be Arabian Sheikhdom is a Utopia in reality. And Turkish Sultans were greatest savants!

How could they judge those traits, nobody knows. The researchers have so many tricks under their sleeves, the general people could not imagine. They know the giraffes of Africa have how many legs, but they just forget to count their heads! This is not my reflection, so said Jules Verne! Once I had read some reminiscences of an Indian lady, who was the wife of an Indian diplomat. She wrote that Saddam Hussein was a wonderful personality. In her opinion, the man was very much gentleman and truly well behaved personality. May be he outwitted her with his dramatic acumen.

The US is the land of free-thinking. A poster is often sold out there which depicts: SUPPORT THE MENTALLY HANDICAPPED. TAKE AN FBI AGENT TO LAUNCH. The poster is very much popular there. And the state does not gag the publisher or the customer. But if anybody just dares to wink about the rulers in Arab Sheikhdoms or Communist China, or in North Korea they will be just evaporated. Hope those who had participated in that precious Oxford study will soon get the apex state honours at Beijing, Jeddah or Pyong Yong. Encore!

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