God Justifies Raping a Kafir, Says ISIS


New Delhi: Creating new heights of brutality and barbaric act with each passing moment, dreaded Islamic terror outfit Islamic State (ISIS) now justifies rape by making a claim that besides giving a right to rape a non-believer in Islam, Quran also encourages the act.

In a spine-chilling report of New York Times, a 12-year-old girl belonging to Yazidi community has shared her ordeal in ISIS captivity. According to the report, an ISIS militant gagged her and tied her hands and then prayed before getting on top of her.

“I pleaded with him to stop as it was hurting me, but he showed no mercy. He told me that Islam allows him to rape an unbeliever and by raping me, he is drawing closer to God,” the minor girl was quoted as saying by New York Times.

The report further states that after committing the heinous act the militant once again prayed to prove his religious devotion. Since the emergence of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, several Yazidi minority girls have fallen victims to rape and sex slavery .

Zainab Bangura, the UN envoy had in June revealed that teenage girls in Iraq and Syria are being sold in slave markets "for as little as a pack of cigarettes," by Islamic State militants.

Zainab had spoken to women and girls who had escaped from captivity in IS-controlled areas, met with local religious and political leaders and visited refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

Jihadists continue to run slave markets for girls abducted during fresh offensives, but there are no figures on the numbers enslaved by the fighters.