God Is Cruel, Murmurs Completely Shattered Bagri Businessman


Kolkata: A fire can not only damage property but lives too. Among thousands of businessmen whose shops were gutted in Sunday’s fire, Sarat Arora was one of them, who could not control his tears.

Sarat, a cosmetics businessman by profession, had noting left after the Bagri fire completely destroyed his shop. Only thing that he could do was to stare at the fire helplessly and murmur in grief that “Everything is destroyed. What will I Eat ? How will I live ?

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Sarat Arora owned a shop on the first floor of Bagri market. He rushed to the spot immediately after receiving the information. But by the time he reached, nothing was left. Most of the part of his shop was already burnt till that time. He just witnessed the last part of his shop being gutted in the fire.

Sarat Arora’s 58-year-old wife, Sashi suffered a brain stroke few months ago. The cost of her treatment entirely came from the earnings of his shop inside the Bagri market. With that money, his wife got a good treatment and recovered from the illness. But he repents for not having done anything to save the shop, which had once provided money to save the love of his life.

Sarat and Sashi Arora has no child. He was staring to the fire when the rescue work was underway everywhere. He is now under immense shock after getting bankrupt. The rescue team people requested him to go outside the place but he was still sitting and murmuring that, “The festive season has started, now we will die starving.” He kept on murmuring, “God is cruel.”


Reported By- Sekhar Dubey

Edited By- Susmita Das