Goa Safest Place For Woman: Report


New Delhi: In a report of Plan India, it is released that gender vulnerability index (GVI) on Wednesday where it has put Goa to be safest place for woman in India. Goa also ranked first in protection, fifth in education, sixth in health and survival, and eighth in poverty.

The places where woman are most vulnerable are Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Delhi. The report was released by Ministry of Women and Child Development on Wednesday. Kerala, Mizoram, Sikkim and Manipur are among the safest places for woman in India.

Goa achieved top spot with a GVI of 0.656 which is also more than the national average of 0.5314. Kerala achieved second spot with a GVI of 0.634. They did it mainly because of its achievements in health areas.

Bihar did worst by achieving a GVI of 0.410. It is considered to be the worst live able place for woman in India. Delhi ranks at 28 with a GVI score of 0.436. The place had poor record in education and protection.

The GVI has analysed the situation of girls and women in the country on the four dimensions and developed a multidimensional composite index with over 170 indicators. This index will be useful in understanding the situation in states, as it ranks each state in every dimension of gender vulnerability.