Glastonbury Is The Most Popular UK Festival To Have Sex At


London: A new survey by Lovehoney has revealed that Glastonbury is the most popular UK festival to have sex at.  The questionnaire took responses from over 1000 event-goers, asking what festivals they’ve had intercourse at and where.

With Glasto on top, 34% of subjects admitted to having sex on its festival grounds. The next most popular was Creamfields with 13% and the least popular being Reading, Bestival and Latitude.

The review also cited that the most common onsite location for fans to get it on was a tent, followed by a car and campervan. Thankfully, the least favored areas to engage in intercourse were in the crowd or porta-potty.

The survey also found that 40 percent of festival goers believe having sex is part of the festival experience, while 60 percent said they were more likely to try new things with a partner at a festival.

Meanwhile, the most popular location for having sex at a festival was in a tent, followed by a car or campervan and a “quiet spot in a field”. A portaloo was the least preferred location. Only eight percent of those questioned said they wouldn’t consider having sex at a festival.

The survey also asked what the best kind of music to have sex to was. R&B was the most popular with 25 percent, followed by dance and rock (both 22 percent). Rap music was the least popular with one percent.

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