Girl Protests Harassment, Asked To Leave Restaurant


Kolkata: Facebook user, Vijaya Das, wrote a post about her experience at a restaurant in Kolkata where she was asked to leave when she complained against a man leering at her.

Vijaya went for a Christmas dinner with her family at Sher-e-Punjab in Sukanta Nagar, Kolkata. After she ordered food Vijaya realised that a man was constantly staring at her.

“I suddenly saw a shady man was looking at me with the most dirty look one can give”, wrote the 26-year-old.

She ignored the man initially and asked her father to sit in front of her so that the man does not get to see her but then the man glided to the next seat to look at her.

“He was drinking heavily. I ignored at first as society teaches us to do in this situation.” Vijaya also claimed that the man was looking at every woman passing by.

When she finally decided to voice her discomfort and she shouted at him, the man pretended as if he did not know who she was pointing at. Vijaya’s father backed her but the man audaciously asked them to complain to the management and not him.

Vijaya claimed that she called “the lady police troupe”. “They all looked uncomfortable when I asked for help. They were enjoying their Christmas chat on the front yard. They didn’t expect a girl to get molested at this very hour”, read the post.

Soon, the manager of the restuarant came and asked Vijaya and her family to leave. When she protested and asked what wrong did she do and why is he not throwing him out, he told her that he cannot ask him so she and her family has to leave.

Infuriated by this incident, she posted two videos and wrote a post which has gone viral on social media.