Girl jumps to death to escape molestation


Chandigarh: In a tragic accident, a 13-year-old girl died and her mother was grievously injured in Punjab after they were forced to jump off a moving bus to prevent from getting molested.

The 35-year-old woman was travelling with her daughter and 14 year old son in an AC bus allegedly owned by the family of Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal-when some youths started to harass the girl.

When her mother complained about the demeaning comments to the driver and conductor of the bus they laughed it off, paying no heed. The conductor, reportedly, joined the youth in the act.

When the woman asked the driver to stop the bus he responded by further increasing the speed of the vehicle. Fearing that they will be assaulted, the woman and the daughter jumped off the bus leaving her son behind.

Passersby took them to the nearby hospital where the girl was declared dead and the mother is battling for her life.

The driver later abandoned the bus and fled with his accomplices. However, the police have managed the driver and the conductor this morning.

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