Gift For Pak: Mallu Cyber Soldiers Hacked Confidential Data Of 7 Lakh Citizens


New Delhi: Mallu Cyber soldiers is back again with their work and full rehearsal. They hacked confidential data of seven Lakh Pakistan citizens. Earlier, they exposed those who are involved in terrorist activities against India from Indian land itself. The site has investigated on areas where even national agencies think twice for investigation.

Mallu Cyber Soldiers Reveal Important Data On Kashmir Separatists

“Mallu Cyber Soldiers” is a group of security experts that work toward protecting Indian websites from getting hacked. The Mallu Cyber Soldiers have claimed to publish the Mobile Phone Numbers, Records, Personal Information, Social Network Profiles, Personal Identity Certificates and the links to download their other private data’s of the Kashmir Separatists.

On Monday, They published in their facebook page. They wrote that:

Warm Greetings….

We received numerous messages in our inbox as our fans couldn’t find any new endeavors from MCS (Mallu Cyber Soldiers) these days.  What happened to MCS? The page seems to be dead? Are you people not doing any hacking related activities? These were the most common questions asked by our Indian fans. Well, we are on a high gear with our continuous dedicated efforts to teach our poor neighbor a lesson.

That shot interval was a mere rehearsal. Yes, the blaming negative posts from those who fear us never pulled us down; instead, it was really a forcing energy and enthusiasm for us.

Yeah… This time it’s not just one.. not even tens or hundreds or thousands, it is in lakhs. We have spied the confidential details of more than 7 lakhs Paki citizens……!

We Mallu Cyber Soldiers fold our hands to you, madam Eenam Gambheer, India’s first secretary to the UN for your daring description on our Islamic neighbor country as ‘Terroristhan’ at the UN General Assembly session.

This is just a small gift for Pakistan, which has became a paternal and nourishment of Global Islamic extremism and terrorism. We are publishing 713954 lacks Pak citizens’ details such as e-mails, security ID, and other crucial secrecies.