Get a chance to ride in an Audi or Hummer with Uber app


New Delhi:  Uber has signed up with online car portal Droom to let users in New Delhi call for an Audi R8 or Hummer for free. The option to call these Uber Supercars is only available tomorrow, July 15 between 1 to 4 pm and it will a short 15 minute ride.
Here’s how it will work:
1 Open the Uber app between 1 pm and 4 pm on July 15
2 You’ll see UberSuperCars as one of the options in the slider. Click on that.
3 Once you confirm the car-ride, a Supercar will arrive at your pick-up location for a 15-minute ride. Youe pick-up and drop-off location have to be the same. Essentially Uber is offering users a short joy-ride in these luxury cars.
Ubers warns “demand will be high and availability will be limited.” Just like with Uber puppies which were in high demand, don’t think that you’ll get the Audi R8 ride so easily. Uber also says that you cannot test drive those Supercars, you cannot get a friend along and are not going to be a part of the regular Uber fleet.