German Town on High Alert Due To A Suspected Bomber


Berlin: A German town is in lockdown as armed police are hunting for a man suspected of planning a bomb attack.

Officers are surrounding a home in Chemnitz and the force tweeted: ‘At the moment we have a static threat situation in the Fritz-Heckert area in Chemnitz, C0810 and with strong forces on the ground.’ Residents have been ordered to remain indoors.

The police force, Polizei Sachsen, said they are currently involved in a large-scale operation in Chemnitzon suspicion of someone preparing a bomb attack. They said the suspect had not been found and that major closures and evacuations would be necessary.

The force added: ‘Please stay within the enclosed area in your homes and observe the instructions of the police here and in the field.’ Armed officers forced their way into a flat in the raid, causing a loud bang. Officials earlier said it would not speculate on claims they were dealing with a hostage situation.

They said: ‘Please help the emergency services by avoiding the area.’ Officials have yet to confirm the full details of the operation, but a local German journalist has tweeted to say the area is likely to be evacuated for what he called an ‘explosive danger’.

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