Genital Part Slaughtered ! Mysterious Death In Chetla


Kolkata: Tapan Debnath, resident of Lock Gate area of Chetla mysteiously died on Saturday. Police did not get any clue to move forward the investigation. Police has interrogated his wife on Sunday in this regard.

Reportedly, he returned to his house in a drunk condition which happens almost everyday. It used to be a reason of clash between Debnath and his wife. His mother called him but no response came from the other side. The family members found him lying on the bed in a blood-shedded condition.

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Chetla police reached the spot early and rescued the body. Initially police said that, it is mark barbarity. It is expected that he has been murdered by slaughtering of his genital part. But partially it is coming out that family clash claimed his life. Investigation underway.