GD Birla Girl Still Shivers Looking At School Gate


Kolkata: A year has passed by, but the horrifying memory is still fresh in the mind
of the 4-year-old small girl of G.D. Birla School who was sexually assaulted. She
still shivers whenever she sees the gate of her school.

The child’s family has been facing difficulty in managing the little girl and her
education. As the case is going on at a lower court, it is being difficult for them
to admit her to another school. Her studies are being hampered too leading to an
uncertainty over her future. The student’s family has moved to the Calcutta High
Court requesting for a speedy solution at the lower court. Justice Nadira Patheria
harshly criticised the school authority on this case.

At the hearing under Justice Nadira’s bench, the child’s family’s lawyer Priyanka
Tebriwal told the court that one year has passed after the incident but still the
child is unable to go to the school. She is still terrified after the incident. But
no steps are being taken by the school authorities.

The lawyer also said that everyone is mum when the child’s future is on its way to
get damaged. Soon after this, the Justice lashed out at the lawyer representing the
school. The Justice said, “The Centre is adveritising regularly on ‘Beti Bachao
Beti Padhao.’ Still no one is moved by this? Why is a child’s future being played

The court also said that if the child is afraid of going to that school, then why
is the school authority not making arrangements to admit her to any other school.
“The G.D. Birla school will have to make decisions immediately on this issue. It
will have to immediately inform which school the child can be admitted to. Or else
which school the child can be admitted and all details regarding the admission will
have to be borne by the school authorities.”

The court further stated that the school will have to submit an affidavit stating
the security arrangements made for the girl students of the G.D. Birla School
within the next 7 days. Also, they will have to inform in the next hearing as to
what decisions the school authorities will take regarding the child. Justice Nadira
also questioned in favour for the speedy solution to this case.