Gautam Deb Slams BJP For Spreading Agitation In Bengal


Cooch Behar: Centering to Panchayat Election the situation is agitated since last few days. The scale of violence is constantly increasing. Tourism minister Gautam Deb without naming anyone has blamed BJP for spreading violence among people.

He said on Wednesday, a national party is hindering the tranquility of West Bengal. They would not be succeed. They don’t give importance to Bengal. So we are seeking help from neighboring state.

Three ministers of West Bengal inaugurated a branch of TMC in Gauhati. Municipal & Urban Development minister Firhad Hakim, North Bengal Development minister Rabindranath Ghosh were present in the inauguration.

বাংলাকে অশান্ত করছে বিজেপি, পরোক্ষে বললেন গৌতম

They held a meeting with the people of North- Purbanchal at the Science Building at Gauhati. The main agenda of the meeting was to avoid the chance of illegal infiltration of miscreants which can destroy the peaceful situation of the state.

TMC claimed, some outlanders are entering from neighboring state and creating ruckus in the area. Northern part of Bengal has already been identified as the sensitive zone, so the meeting was organised with immediacy.