Gautam Kundu’s ‘Maroon’ Diary Found, Contains Vital Info


Kolkata: A ‘maroon-coloured’ diary was discovered on Saturday in the Rose Valley scam which adds as a new development in the ongoing scam which has tarnished the image of the state’s ruling party.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has claimed to have got hold of Rose Valley company’s owner Gautam Kundu’s secret diary which promises of providing the agency with vital information on the scam. The CBI claims that this gives more important information than obtained by interrogating Gautam Kundu.

The CBI said that after a tip-off through some phone calls, the place where Gautam Kundu’s maroon diary was found today. The diary contains names of 15 most influential politicians. Beside the name is mentioned the amount of money in figures. The CBI plans to make it as a vital entity in proceeding with the case.