Gas Tanker-Truck Collision In Kona Expressway, 2 Dead


Howrah: A collision between gas tanker and light weight truck that took place on Kona Expressway near Garfa Bridge on Thursday has ceased the train service in Howrah-Amta line. The collision has set fire and flame melted overhead high-tension power cable.

Two drivers have been died due to the incident. One constable of the responsible police station has been critically injured.

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The traffic moving slowly after three hours of the incident..No movement of any train between Santragachi and Bankranawabaz and resulted cancellation of Amta Locals.

The locals said that, they heard three consecutive blast following the collision. One police constable has been injured in the incident. The local people said that the incident started in dawn time around 3 AM near Garfas bridge. Tewo cars set in fire due to the blast.

Train service has been interrupted due to this. No presence of residential places has removed the chance casualties. The nearest tower has turned black in the ashes. A shop beside the highway has been demolished in fire.

Traffic moving slowly and started to move after three hours of the incident. Howrah police has diverted cars to avoid excessive congestion. Freight traffics have been moved by Andul Road. This has became troublesome for the commuters.