Gas Blast At Fireworks Market In Mexico City, 4 Killed


Mexico City: Four people were killed in an explosion at a home in a Mexico City suburb on Saturday where a massive blast in a fireworks market left dozens dead in December.

The Mexico state government identifies the victims as two women ages 25 and 26 and two children ages 6 and 11. Six others were hospitalized for injuries from cuts to severe burns.
The local Red Cross says the explosion was “apparently due to a gas build-up.”

The Saturday morning blast took place in a residential neighbourhood of Tultepec, about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from the San Pablito fireworks market. Many Tultepec residents make a living from the manufacture and sale of fireworks. It was not immediately clear whether there was explosive material at the residence that could have exacerbated the effects of the explosion.

A series of massive explosions destroyed a fireworks market in Tultepec in December and killed more than three dozen people.