Garments Price In Kolkata Could Be Unbridled During Durga Puja


Kolkata: Port Trust of Kolkata has decided temporary cessation of Khiddirpore Dock service from Monday. It will be close for next two months. Thus garment dealers are apprehending the price hike just before Durga Puja.

Exact sixty days left for Bengal biggest celebration Durga Puja. Shopping spree is in full swing. But a part of businessmen apprehending are worried over the port authority announcement as it open on or after Durga puja time.

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What is worrying the businessman ?

The maximum transaction of foreign garments and the equippments for making a dress used to come in vessel which used to disseminated via Khiddirpore dock. So the garments dealers are in fear of loss as goods transportation could be costly during this period. A scarsity may arise in man-power system puja shopping has begun. Keeping all the aspects in account, dealers are fearing of price hike of garments. =

Though the Kolkata Port authority has said that, they are trying to keep the service normal. The adjacent dock Netaji Shubhash Dock will be open with the normal flow.

The dealers are saying that, there are eighteen births in Khiddirpore dock and only three births in Nertaji Shubhash Dock. So the flow will be interrupted without any doubt.