Garment Factory Ablazed In Howrah


Howrah: A garment factory at Howrah Foreshore Road near Bichali Ghat ablazed on Sunday midnight. Ten fire tenders have reached the spot. The promptness of fire brigade workers took the fire under control in Monday morning.

Nobody has been injured in fire. But lakhs material have been aflame. Reportedly, many adjacent slums have been demolished. Everyone present in spot has rushed outside and shouted for help.

হাওড়ায় পোশাকের কারখানায় ভয়াবহ আগুন

Fire Brigade took three-four to extinguish the fire. Fire brigade reached the spot from Howrah Head Quarter and Kolkata head quarter too.

After returning from the place few called the fire brigade repeatedly. Many fire pockets were active so three fire brigade came and put off the completely.