Ganglord Murder: One More Arrested From Kharagpur

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Midnapore:  Police have arrested one more miscreant named John Fransis on Saturday from Kharagpur. Earlier police held seven persons in connection with the assassination of Kharagpur Trinamool councillor’s husband and ganglord Shrinu Naidu and his aide in a Trinamool office.

According to police super Bharati Ghosh said that the main culprit behind this assassination was Sankar Sau. Seven persons involved in the case have been arrested and cops are on the hunt for four others. Ghosh said, “I will reveal more details soon. For the past one and a half years, Naidu wasn’t involved with mafia.

Ghosh also added that some influential people and some old underworld enemies were behind the killing of dreaded Kharagpur don Srinu Naidu and his associate Dharma Rao on Wednesday, said West Midnapore SP Bharati Ghosh.

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He was trying to reform himself and was focusing more on business. People who murdered him felt that he would become an influential leader in future.”

Ghosh explained that supari killers were brought from Jamshedpur to kill Srinu. The conspirators held several meetings before eliminating their target and the first meeting was held in Jamshedpur. “The last one was held on January 8 at the house of Srinu’s old underworld rival John Francis, near Kharagpur railway station,” added the SP.

She revealed names of four people involved in the killing, including Sankar Rao, who gave orders over phone from Shalimar. Rao was picked up from the Odisha border. Incidentally, Srinu was arrested on April 9, 2015 for his alleged involvement in the attack on Rao during the Kharagpur civic poll campaign. Srinu’s wife Pooja was the elected councillor of Ward 18 on a BJP ticket.

Three other accused named in the case areNanda Das, Rajesh Sahu and Barun Ghosh. Das, who had paid for buying a second-hand Tata Sumo which was used in the operation, was arrested from Jhargram. Sources said that Das and Srinu had an old dispute over a Kharagpur property.

Sahu was an old figure in the Kharagpur underworld while Barun Ghosh, who works at a nursing home, had helped the injured supari killer after the operation.

Sankar had paid Rs 50,000 to Ghosh for killing Srinu. The supari killer, who was arrested with Ghosh from the latter’s house in Ghatal’s Bodnipur, will be put through a TI parade along with two others in custody.

“The names of the three supari three are not being revealed now,” said the SP. The injured shooter along with those in custody were brought to the SP’s press meet.”