Ganga In Danger: Water Level In Allahabad Decreases Alarmingly


Lucknow: Due to scorching heat and lesser amount of water released in the Ganga in Phaphamau locality of Allahabad, the water level has decreased to a point that people can now simply cross the river on foot.

“The continuously decreasing level of water in Ganga is a matter of great concern. There is a great danger to its existence,” Ashutosh Shukla, a local, said.

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The depleted amount of water and decreased flow people has forced people to pull boats across the river. Several mound like structures are also erected, via which people are now crossing the river.

Lallu Pahalwan, another local, said, “The water is so polluted that people hesitate in consuming it or take bath in it.” He added that inspite of so many grants in the name of Ganga, the Government has not done enough to save the river.

People are now demanding the Government to take a quick action to clean and revive the river, so that they can take dip in the holy river.