Gang Promotes Bone-Breaking Skills on Social Media, Busted


Chandigarh: Punjab cops have busted a gang from Jalandhar that was advertising its extortion skills in a unique manner – breaking the bones of their victims on video and uploading the clips on WhatsApp groups. It was an advertisement to invite all those who wanted similar treatment of their rivals.

A recently formed special task force (STF) and cops from Phagwara have arrested six members of the gang headed by Gopi Rurka, a proclaimed offender facing as many as 27 cases. This is the first major breakthrough by the STF, formed after rising crime in the state became a political issue.

“The gang made a video clip of a brutal thrashing of a man in Pharala village and circulated it on social media to raise their stock and get more contracts for terrorising people,” STF’s assistant inspector general H P S Khakh said.

In the clip, Rurka and his men are seen thrashing a profusely bleeding man with sticks and breaking his limbs even as he pleads for mercy. “They had taken three contracts to beat up people and executed two of them. The clip was of one of these two victims. We arrested the gang just before they were going to execute their third contract,” Khakh added.