Gajendra Should Resign: Rishi Kapoor


Mumbai: Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor addressed a press conference on his tweets of advice to embattled FTII chairman Gajendra Chauhan.

He said, “As a friend, I will tell Gajendra Chauhan, ‘Don’t impose yourself’. He may be the most capable man but I’m saying we should do what the students want. Students want a figurehead who can inspire them. When you are being opposed openly, you should voluntarily resign. I would tell tell students, attend your classes, the issue of the institute’s chairman is a different matter.”

“If students have some problem with Mr Chauhan, there must be some justification. I was rejected from the FTII because I had failed Class 11. I am standing by the FTII students. If a political appointee had to be made, there is Shatrughan Sinha or Hema Malini or Paresh Rawal.” The actor added.