Gabbar Singh Is Back In Dakshineshwar


Kolkata: It seems that the infamous dacoit Gabbar Singh is back. Not only he is
back, but he was seen offering puja at Dakshineshwar temple on Friday morning.

Once the people surrounding him realised that they are near Sholay’s Gabbar Singh,
all rushed to take selfies with him. But unfortunately, none could not as everyone
had to submit their mobile phone to the security guards before entering the

Are you wondering what we are talking about? After talking to him, it was
discovered that with lot of difficulties and hard work, he has built a body like
Gabbar Singh or Amzad Khan playing the role of Gabbar Singh in Sholay.

Kolkata’s Gabbar Singh, however, refused to tell his name. He said, “What will be
gained by knowing my name? You must be very courageous to ask Gabbar Singh’s name.”

Mesmerized by seeing Gabbar, Kakali Roy from Shyambazar said, “I have seen Sholay
uncountable number of times. But t his is the first time I saw such a Sweet Gabbr.
The kids were happy seeing him instead of being afraid.”

Rhyming with the firlm’s iconic dialogue ‘Kitne aadmi the’, Kolkata’s very own
Gabbar said “Line mein kitna aadmi hai re” while standing in queue. In 1992, on
this day, Amzad Khan had left us for his heavenly abode.