G20 Nations & Others Countries Financed IS: Putin


Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed on Tuesday that the Islamic State (IS), which carried out Paris attacks on 13 November, is being financed by as many as 40 countries, including some G-20 nations.

“I gave certain examples based on reliable data on funding of different IS units by certain individuals. This money, we now know, is directed from 40 countries, including a handful of G20 countries,” quoted Putin.

The Russian President also spoke of the need to check and control illegal oil trade by the IS. “I’ve photographs in my possession, which show the scale of the illegal oil and petrol trade indulged by the IS. These photographs were taken from space and from aircraft,” he claimed.

“The vehicles waiting their turn for refuelling stretches for dozens of kilometres; from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they go beyond the horizon,” added Putin.

Putin also said that, “Some opposition groups want operations against IS to start in right earnest, but with Russian support. We are ready to provide active air support. If such an operation does begin, it can become a foundation for future work on a political settlement.”

Putin added at last in G-20 Summit that We must work together to prevent terrorist attacks and check terrorism on a global scale. We had offered our cooperation in anti-IS efforts, but the US refused. They sent a written note with the words: ‘we reject your offer’.”