Furious Bhangar In Protest Of Power Grid Again


Bhangar, South 24 Pargana: On Thursday an explosion happened in the rally of Land & Land Protection committee at Bhangar of South 24 Pargana. Targeting the rally bombing and gun fire started abruptly and burnt many vehicles and provoked the entire situation. In this incident many people have been injured.

According to the unsupported source, three people has been injured. The committee has complaint that administrative party has done this intentionally. Though they denied all the allegation. Police has reached immediately to keep the situation under control. Police and the local source said that resident of this area built this Land & Land Protection Committee to protest the making of Power Grid in their locality. The rally was a gathering under that banner and targeting the rally bombing happened. The local people has intervened the road to protest this shameful incident.

অগ্নিগর্ভ ভাঙড়, কাঠগড়ায় শাসক

Sujan Chakraborty, CPM Bidhansabha party leader expressed deep regret on this and said we wont allow this hooliganism anymore on common people. BJP State President Dilip Ghosh and Congress leader Abdul Mannan agreed on the same point and added that “the ruling party is trying to make a fearful environment so they are choosing bomb and fire for common people.” Though Trinamool leader Rejjak Molla said ,”police was not informed about the rally so the chaos started with some unwanted outsiders.” Some local people said “Trinamool is not at all related with this incident.” taking the continuation controversial Trinamool party leader Arabul Islam said ,”BJP, Congress, and Naxal has combined to create terror among people, so these unpleasant incidents are happening.”

Media and media persons has been conciliated when they were in the area to collect news and threatened in front of the police. But police has denied the entire allegation.