‘Funeral Invitation’, Exclusive Venue Of Politics


Bankura: Bankura’s Chatna assembly constituency’s MLA and RSP leader Dhirendranath Layek has joined Trinamool-Congress in a public meeting in Raipur Haludkanali ground. He has joined TMC overnight. It is a massive set back to the left-front just before the panchayat election. He left the party office one day before the meeting saying ” I am going to a funeral.”

Unofficial second-in-command of TMC Abhishek Banerjee handed the grassroot flag to him. Dhurendranath Layek had beat the former MLA Shubhashish Batabyal in the assembly election. Though the shifted leader could not be contacted as thge phone was switched off.

‘শ্রাদ্ধ বাড়ি’ যাচ্ছি বলে তৃণমূলে যোগ বাম বিধায়কের

State CPM General Secretary circle member Amiya Patra said , “This is the first time I am listening this. But is it a set back.”

According to the RSP sources, “MLA has surrendered before the huge pressure of opponent.” The incident has raised opinions among the supporters. CPM has to face difficulties to get penetrated among the rurals.