Fuel Prices Have Already Started Going Down: Oil Minister


Gandhinagar: Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on saturday that Petrol prices in India have started falling and also claiming that the fall would continue and would soon bring relief to citizens.

“Petrol prices have fallen by a few paise in the last two days… the prices will fall further,” Pradhan said while in Gujarat, where he attended an event related to the Skill and Development Ministry, which he handles in addition to oil.

Pradhan said that the recent hurricanes in the United States had affected the prices of petrol and diesel in India. The prices are now stable and will fall, Pradhan said. According to records maintained by the Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell, operated by the Oil Ministry, prices have fall by 10 paisa between September 21-September 23.

On September 21, prices were at the highest since daily revision of rates was introduced across India. Prices on 23rd in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata are Rs 70.42, Rs 79.53, Rs 73 and Rs 73.16, respectively, all 10 paisa less than what the prices were on September 21.