Fuel Price Slashed For 12th Straight Day, 24 Paise Cut In Petrol

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New Delhi: After the consecutive hike fuel price has been slashed for the twelfth straight day on Sunday morning.

According to data available on Indian Oil, NSE 0.11 %’s website, petrol and diesel prices have fallen by 24 paise per litre and 18 paise per litre respectively in Delhi, Kolkata.

Mumbai saw a decline in petrol & diesel prices by 23 paise per litre and 19 paise per litre. In Chennai, the prices were down by 26 paise per litre and 19 paise per litre respectively.

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The revised petrol price for Delhi is Rs 76.78. Petrol prices for other metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai are Rs 79.44, 84.61 and 79.69 respectively.

Meanwhile, the revised Diesel price was Rs 70.65 in Kolkata, Rs 72.51 in Mumbai and Rs 71.89 in Chennai.