Fuel Price Cut-Down Before No-Confidence Discussion


New Delhi: Petrol, diesel price cut down in major metro cities on Thursday before no-confidence discussion in parliamentary monsoon session. Among all the metro cities Delhi witnessed major slash in fuel price both in petrol and diesel.

According to data available on Indian Oil Corporation website, petrol became cheaper by 6 paise per litre in Delhi. It was priced at Rs 76.78 as against Rs 76.84 on Wednesday. However, in other metros like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, there was no change in petrol prices. In Mumbai, it was priced at Rs 84.22, in Chennai at Rs 79.76 and in Kolkata it was priced at Rs 79.51, same as Wednesday.

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Meanwhile, diesel in Delhi became cheaper by 12 paise per litre to Rs 68.35 compared to Rs 68.47 yesterday. Similarly, in other metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, diesel became cheaper by 9 paise per litre to Rs 72.56, Rs 72.19 and Rs 70.94 respectively.