From 1st to last : Mukul slides at Rajya Sabha


New Delhi: Its mental blow for the former All India General Secretary of TMC. Mukul Roy was previously ripped off from his post as the leader of TMC in Rajya Sabha. According to the procedure, Mukul Roy had to sit in the rear benches in the Upper House of the Parliament. But according to latest reports, Mukul have been completely sided away and sent back. From the third row, Mukul has been sent to the last row of the Rajya Sabha. The seat beside to that of Mukul Roy is reserved for the jailed MP, Kunal Roy.

Amidst the political scenario in the TMC, the steps are an evident sign that Mukul is slowly being pushed back from the ranks of TMC. However, Mukul was not available for any comment regarding the issue.On the other hand, the TMC supremo, Mamata Banerjee has asked for a complete list of the statements made against the party by Mukul Roy. It is based on this list that strict action will be taken against the former gen secretary of TMC, added Mamata