Friends Are Spying On You On WhatsApp


New Delhi: Somewhere we keep an eye on our friends and family to check if they are available to chat and whether they have read our messages or not.

For all this now iOS users have a special app called Chatwatch which allows users to spy on their contacts. This app takes advantage of WhatsApp’s public online/offline status feature and will let you know whenever your friends available to talk.

Analysing this data, the app will let you how often your friends check WhatsApp. Chatwatch can even estimate what time they go to sleep and wake up each day.However, the good thing here is that this spying app isn’t free and available for a subscription fee of Rs $2.

Now it would be interesting to see how Facebook handles our data from being analysed by other companies. Its very likely that Facebook will soon find a way to block Chatwatch to avoid any other privacy scare in public.