Fresh Warnings: Kim’s Nuke Ready To Hit US In 2 Months


Pyongyang: North Korea’s nuclear missile will be ready to strike the United States in the next two months, Asia Analyst Gordon Chang has warned.

Speaking to Fox News, he said: “They wouldn’t put Anthrax in an ICMB because the method of delivery wouldn’t be that effective but nuclear weapons they’re within maybe 2 months.

“Now it’s been disclosed that the CIA gave President Trump an assessment that you know within that time frame they’ll be able to hit the US with a nuke.” Chang said the only thing holding Kim Jong-un’s regime back is heat shielding, which protects the missile on the way down.

The author also talked about North Korea’s other warfare programs including biological weapons like Anthrax, which has been found in the blood of North Korean defectors.

Earlier, North Korea are pursuing some kind of “biological weapons capability”, Hoover research fellow Lanhee Chen has warned. Mr Chen warned it was “very” easy for any country to switch from making pesticides to making biological weapons.

He said: “Back in 2015, Kim Jong-un paid a visit to what was called at the time a pesticide factory. “Now the interesting things about this is that it’s very easy for North Koreans, it’s very easy for actually any country, to flip the switch and go from manufacturing pesticides to manufacturing biological weapons.